Accuracy Control: The journey to becoming a learning organization

Ship manufacturers need to control process and product variation through each stage of the design, manufacture, and quality processes.   Abstract: This thesis adds to the body of research on accuracy control and its relationship to organizational learning by exploring three distinct themes that will not only address technical issues, but also soft issues of leading change, and building a learning organization. The themes include:

  1. Use geometric tolerancing throughout ship design, manufacturing, and quality processes to improve accuracy control.
  2. Employ an effective accuracy control program, involving production people upfront in the design process, to improve the way a shipyard learns and adapts, improving competitiveness.
  3. Provide a methodology and discuss struggles of leading the organizational change effort needed to implement an effective accuracy control system.

Link to Full text Research: Accuracy Control: The journey to becoming a learning organization

One of the most important concepts in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is establishing a Datum Reference Frame. This video show a possible choice of the primary, secondary, and tertiary  datums needed to install the launch handling and recovery system on a Littoral Combat Ship.

Call or email  to discuss how  to adapt geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, the international design language per ASME Y14.5-2009, into your Accuracy Control System.  A learning organization can deliver the value customers expect in terms of longer life, lighter weight,  performance, reliability, and low operating costs.

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