OnLine Curriculum Development Applied Research:


 Online learning, “Social Stuff” Matters

Adapting Teaching/Learning Methods for Web 2.0 Technology


Joe Boyle

Instructional Design Cycle


Trainers, learners, managers, and course designers attempting to adapt face-to-face training materials to online format need to recognize, create, and maintain “social processes” in workforce learning groups.  However, they may find intimidating challenges in how to adapt “social stuff” to online training that is compatible with both learning processes and available technology.  The purpose of this case study was to answer an initial set of questions centering on why we need to recognize and employ “social stuff” in training methods, to a set of conclusions about adapting teaching methods to take advantage of Web 2.0 Technology.  This case provides several examples of workforce learning groups taking online training.  Each group exposed to a different level of Social Stuff resulted in different learning outcomes.

Three distinct themes address deficiencies in the literature emerge.  One, “Social Stuff” is essential for human learning regardless of delivery method, however previous research does not provide an adequate definition of Social Stuff.  It’s more than Social Presence.  The second theme is the lack of social process research on adult workforce learning groups using online methods.  The third theme addresses how Web technology outpaces changes in teaching and learning methods causing paradigm shifts.

Learning how to recognize and use Social Stuff is essential for improved learning outcomes and business results in workforce learning groups.  The intent is not to mine new statistically backed evidence proving that social processes are essential to effective training, but rather gives targeted readers a common language and examples describing the meaning of social processes employed in online training with workforce learners.  This case study will show trainers, students, and managers attempting to adapt face-to-face training methods to online format, to recognize, create, and maintain the “social stuff” in their online training.

Link to research www.jboyleengineering.com/uploads/py505%20research%20paper.pdf

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