Jacquart Fabric Products~ A Lean Transformation Case Study


In this case study business owner, Bob Jacquart thought he needed  new scanners, computers, and software to track inventory so cutters, sewers, and shippers could find what they needed. The true need was to eliminate the waste to get the product out the door more efficiently.  Instead of finding new ways to control inventory caused by a batch-and-queue manufacturing system, the continuous improvement team eliminated unneeded work-in-process inventory causing the waste.   Joe Boyle  facilitated a six week training program known as “kaizen blitz”, a series of Rapid improvement Process (RIP) events, which taught employees how to work together to diagnose problems and devise solutions using their creativity. Instead of focusing on how to control large amounts of work-in-process inventory, the JFP kaizen team eliminated the waste created by overproduction such as counting, moving, storing, and reworking.

Please contact me to discuss further how Kaizen training will link directly to positive business results.  Learn how to work together to diagnose problems and devise solutions that eliminate waste using creativity, not cash.

Link to Case

January 1999,   Pages 53 – 65



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