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Kaizen~The Keys to Continuous Improvement

Learners need a means to link training to what they do in their every day work. Kaizen~The Keys to Continuous Improvement provides a lifelike manufacturing simulation to help users identify and eliminate waste.  Here is a video shot at Somero Houghton MI, to give you an idea of the process:

Please call or email to discuss further or to set up a Keys to Continuous Improvement training workshop at your plant.  After completing the “Kaizen~The Keys to Continuous Improvement”  workshop, team members will be able to:
? Understand the benefits of the continuous improvement process
? Identify the keys to Continuous Improvement
? Be familiar with the major waste issues
? Spot ways to improve housekeeping
? Recognise the importance of standardizing a process

This workshop also provides a great introduction to a Rapid Improvement Process (RIP) event.


Lean Transformation Measuring Tool an Improvement Opportunity Calculator



Link to online calculator

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