A Case study adding to the body of research of Performance Improvement specifically relating to Gilberts work in “Human Competence- Engineering Worthy Performance”

This study adds to the body of research of Human Performance Technology specifically relating to Gilberts work in Human Competence- Engineering Worthy Performance.  SURGICAL TOOL MANUFACTURING provides a real life example. By studying the performance improvement process at a small rapidly growing manufacturing company located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we observe the transition from an entrepreneur owned company to a corporately structured enterprise struggling through the stresses induced by rapid change. The project employed Gilberts Behavior Engineering Model (BEM) documenting each phase including Performance Analysis, Cause Analysis, Intervention Selection, Intervention Implementation and Evaluation. The improvement efforts intended to produce outcomes of sustainable performance improvement and cultural change, but what was most important was the ability to link behaviors and performance improvement efforts to improvements of key performance indicators and bottom line financial outcomes.

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The Follow videos document the SURGICAL TOOL MANUFACTURING LEAN INITIATIVE journey:

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